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Possible Cataract Complications

Are there any complications after cataract surgery?

Problems after surgery are rare but they can occur. These problems can include:

With prompt medical attention, these problems can usually be treated successfully.

“After-cataract” or posterior capsule opacification

Sometimes, the capsule that encloses the IOL becomes cloudy and may blur your vision. This condition is called an “after-cataract”. An “after-cataract” can develop months or years after cataract surgery.

How is an “after-cataract” treated?

An outpatient procedure called YAG laser capsulotomy is done to treat an “after-cataract”. Dr Tan will use a YAG laser to make a tiny hole in the capsule behind the lens to let light pass through it. It is painless and rarely results in increased eye pressure or other eye problems. As a precaution, Dr Tan will give you eyedrops to prophylactically lower your eye pressure after the procedure.

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