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Why Choose Us for ICL?

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery is about "quality, safety, concern and experience". We pride ourselves in using advanced technology in diagnosis and treatment to minimize your risks and maximize your success after our surgery. All patients considering ICL will come for a thorough pre-operative evaluation.

Artemis High Frequency Ultrasound

Risks in ICL are not common and the majority of complications after ICL are due to poor sizing. If the ICL is too big, there is a risk of shallowing the anterior chamber causing glaucoma. If the size is too small there is a risk of displacement of the ICL. This backward displacement can cause a premature cataract.

We use the Artemis High frequency Ultrasound to assess the sulcus-to-sulcus dimension in your eye. This allows us to choose the size of your ICL with better precision. Most centers do not purchase this device as it is extremely expensive.

Ultrasound Photo of Sulcus-to-sulcus and Implantable Collamer Lens in sulcus by the artemis high-frequency ultrasound

The Artemis UBM (Ultra-high Frequency) is used to examine the internal structures of the eye. It is unique because it incorporates a fixation device allowing precise alignment. Only the Artemis allows the surgeon to gain an understanding of where the lens implant is going to fit in your eye. Most centres are assessing the diameter of your cornea "white-to-white" (WTW) measurement and extrapolating this information to obtain the sulcus-to-sulcus measurement. However studies (FDA study) have shown that there is NO correlation between the diameter of the cornea (WTW) and the sulcus-to-sulcus measurement. Therefore the sizing of the ICL from WTW measurement ca be very inaccurate.

Endothelial Cell countcornea allows us to assess and monitor the health of your cornea

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