Schwind Amaris® 1050RS

SCHWIND Amaris 1050RS

The Amaris 1050RS is the newest excimer laser to be produced by Schwind Eyetech Solutions for performing laser refractive surgery such as PRK and LASIK. Standing upon the shoulders of proven technology, the Amaris 1050RS improves on the previous generation Amaris 750S. It combines features of the 750S such as automatic fluence level adjustment, intelligent thermal control and 1050Hz eye tracking with further developments:

Further reduction in treatment times

This new laser fires laser pulses at a speed of 1050 times per second, resulting in treatment times of as fast as 1.3 seconds for each 100 degrees of shortsightedness. Faster treatment times mean better consistency and predictability of results, especially for treating higher degrees of spectacle power.

For example, slower lasers and longer treatment times mean the corneal tissue is exposed to the dry air of the operating room for longer periods of time, potentially drying out the cornea during the laser treatment. Excessive dryness can increase the risk of overcorrections. Besides this, LASIK requires the patient to keep looking at a fixating light during the ablation process. It can be difficult to keep the eye still for long periods of time for some people, so reduced operating times mean less effort and discomfort for the patient while providing better outcomes also from improved precision of the ablation.

Improved eye tracking

Our eyes are constantly on the move, requiring eye trackers to follow them so that the laser pulses are placed in the correct position on the eye. In the 750S, we had 6D eye tracking, which followed the eye in all possible positions in space. In the 1050RS, the eye tracking technology adds another dimension-that of time.

Although eye trackers have become very fast, with the 750S sampling an eye position 1050 times a second, we have the problem of 'latency'. That is, the laser takes a few milliseconds to react to the new measured position of the eye and shift its position. To achieve zero latency in the 1050RS, the laser computer predicts where the eye will be even before it has reached that point. This allows the laser to be positioned perfectly for the shot at that exact moment in time, removing the problem of latency. This is especially important for a fast laser that works as fast as the tracker sampling rate.

SCHWIND AMARIS® 1050RS - Three-Month Clinical Results

Recent reports indicate that excellent results are obtained with the 1050RS laser. After surgery, 99% of patients were within +/- 0.50D (50 degrees) of plano (zero power). More than half of patients gained one line on the vision chart when compared to their best vision with spectacles before surgery. This is unsurprising given that the 1050RS offers class leading specifications as shown in the comparison below.


Tomita M. Amaris 1050RS vs competing technologies. Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today Europe; Sep 2013 (Suppl): 2


The Amaris 1050RS laser provides even faster treatments for enhanced patient comfort as well as visual outcomes. Superior eye tracking improves the precision of fast treatments as well as wavefront guided, customized treatments. The availability of this new flagship laser from Schwind Eye tech solutions at our clinic enables us to improve upon already very good visual results from our previous generation Schwind lasers.

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