Retinal Laser Treatment

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery has been using the PASCAL laser since 2007

Pattern Scan Laser, PASCAL for Laser Treatment of Cataract

The PASCAL® (Pattern Scan Laser) Photocoagulator is a fully integrated pattern scan laser system designed to treat retinal diseases using a single spot or a predetermined pattern array of up to 56 spots.

PASCAL® Method of Photocoagulation The PASCAL® Method of Photocoagulation allows delivery of a predetermined pattern by scanning the placement of the laser spots and controlling the emission of the laser light.

Pattern Modes

Various patterns are automatically arranged for maximum benefit & minimum treatment time. This reduces discomfort for the patients as well.

  1. Square Arrays For Panretinal Photocoagulatio
  2. Triple Arcs Retinal Tears, Lattice Degeneration and Panretinal PhotocoagulationUser variable radius and segment control
  3. Focal / Modified Macular Grids Macular Treatments Pattern subset of the Macular Grid with 4 concentric arcs
  4. Full Macular Grids Macular Treatments Pattern of 4 concentric rings totalling 56 spots encircle the fovea
  5. Single Spot Conventional Treatments can also be performed

PASCAL® Benefits

PASCAL photocoagulation delivers significantly enhanced benefits to patient. This advanced method of photocoagulation enables rapid, precise & safe treatment.

The Pascal Photocoagulator provides:

  1. Reduced Treatment Time More efficient than standard single shot photocoagulation
  2. Improved Comfort Patients experience less discomfort
  3. Advanced Precision Macular Grid treatment provides an improved margin of safety and dosimetry control when compared with single shot treatments. Unlike the irregular pattern placement obtained in single shot photocoagulation, the PASCAL laser delivers more even and regular pattern burns.

Example of Photo-Coagulation during use of PASCAL for Cataract treatment

Indications for Use

The PASCAL Photocoagulator can perform all conventional photocoagulation treatments available with single spot mode.

OptiMedica's PASCAL Photocoagulator is intended for use in the treatment of many eye diseases. Pascal is indicated for use in photocoagulation of both posterior and anterior segments including panretinal, focal and macular grid photocoagulation.

The PASCAL Method is used for the treatment of vascular and structural abnormalities of the retina and choroid including:

  1. Proliferative and non proliferative diabetic retinopathy
  2. Choroidal neovascularization
  3. Branch and central retinal vein occlusion
  4. Age-related macular degeneration
  5. Lattice degeneration
  6. Retinal tears and detachments

In addition, the PASCAL Method can be used to perform:

  1. Iridotomy
  2. Iridectomy
  3. Trabeculoplasty in angle closure and open angle glaucoma

PASCAL applications include:

  1. Pan retinal photocoagulation
  2. Macular grid laser treatment
  3. Retinal tears
  4. Retinal detachment
  5. Focal treatment of juxtafoveal choroidal neovascularization
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