Optomap® Retinal Examination

The optomap® Retinal Image technology, developed by Optos (www.optos.com) is a screening and diagnostic imaging procedure that non-invasively generates an instantaneous, ultra-widefield digital image of the back of your eye, the retina, revealing important information for the comprehensive evaluation of systemic and ocular health. Each optomap® image produced by the Panoramic200 Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope device, is as individual as fingerprints or DNA.

Jerry Tan Eye Surgery is pleased to acquire this technology in Sep 2008 to allow us a more effective way to confirm retinal health as well as detect early signs of abnormalities or disease. Early detection of retinal disorders is critical to preventing serious progression and loss of vision.

Most routine retinal examination methods provide only a limited, narrow-field view of the retina (typically up to 45 degrees, or about 5%) in a single capture. Conventional retinal examinations can therefore miss eye and non-eye disorders or diseases that may be present and can be evidenced in the periphery of the retina. To capture a greater percentage of the retina, either the patient's eye must be dilated, causing patient discomfort, or multiple images of the retina must be taken, at additional cost and time to the patient.

Field of Vision of Optomap versus other Opthalmoscopes during retinal examination

Advantages of the optomap® retinal image include:

  • An ultra-widefield view of the retina

    Images can be taken of a much larger view (200 degrees) of the your retina than conventional eye exam equipment.

  • Comfortable and quick image capture within a second

    Retinal Image is immediately available for doctor and patient to review

  • Non-invasive

    Suitable for children and adults

  • Provides permanent records for future comparison.
  • Does not require pupil dilation

    a very common procedure which is uncomfortable and inconvenient for many people.

  • Patient can resume normal activities immediately

Frequently Ask Questions about the optomap®

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