Is LASIK For You?

LASIK is a procedure to reduce your dependence on spectacles and contact lenses.

Even though perfect vision cannot be guaranteed, many patients have excellent vision after surgery. If you participate in sport activities such as wind surfing, diving, surfing, triathlons, you will appreciate the ability to be free of spectacles and contact lenses.

If you are a fireman or work in an environment with high heat and humidity, LASIK gives you an obvious advantage when spectacles and contact lenses are unsuitable in such harsh conditions.

One of the most common reasons patients choose LASIK surgery is the inability to wear and tolerate contact lenses. Even though they enjoy freedom from spectacles, many contact lens wearers develop dry eyes and allergies after some years. LASIK also free patients from the need of constantly clean and buy contact lenses. Poor hygiene with contact lens wear is more dangerous than LASIK surgery as the risk is recurrent, like playing "Russian Roulette".

If you expect LASIK to guarantee perfect or better than perfect vision, you may be disappointed. Instead, understand that LASIK is a procedure that greatly improves your vision and allows you to participate in many activities without the need for contact lenses and glasses.

LASIK is not a competition to see if you can do all activities without spectacles. You may need contact lenses and glasses for some activities, but you will no longer suffer from the poor vision prior to LASIK.

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