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How to Choose a Surgeon

Finding the right doctor is the most important first step towards a rewarding LASIK experience. It is crucial that your doctor is conscientious and makes you feel comfortable.

  • Credentials

    Ensure your doctor has the appropriate credentials, especially with regards to corneal and LASIK training. An eye surgeon who is a corneal specialist is advantageous. A corneal specialist will have a lot of experience working on the cornea. This experience is very important in instances of surgical complications.

  • Experience

    Ask your doctor about his years of experience with LASIK surgery, how many cases he has performed and his experience with complications. Be wary of doctors who claim they have never encountered complications. This is usually a sign of inexperience.

  • Method of Practice

    Ensure that the doctor who performs your pre-LASIK eye exam is the one who performs your surgery and post-LASIK follow-up.

  • Attentiveness

    Your doctor should answer all your questions clearly and pay attention to you and your individual needs.

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