Essential Information for the Future

Your doctor should give you the following basic information after your LASIK surgery:

Data of your eye before LASIK

  1. Refraction and best-corrected visual acuity;
  2. Attempted Laser Correction;
  3. Corneal curvature readings - keratometric readings or corneal topography pre-LASIK.

Data of your eye after LASIK

  1. Stable refraction after 3 months with best corrected visual acuity;
  2. Corneal curvature with keratometric readings or corneal topography post-LASIK.

If you develop cataracts in the future, the above information will allow an accurate calculation of your intra-ocular lens power. As a LASIK patient, this is extremely important. If this data is not known, you risk having an incorrectly powered intra-ocular lens placed in your eye, resulting in the need for thick glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery.

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