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  1. Why do you need to know how thick the cornea is?

    Surgery requires all patients to undergo a pachymetry, where the thickness of their cornea measured is using ultrasound. This is important because the cornea can become too thin from too much laser treatment - weakening the cornea1 and in extreme cases leading to perforation of the eye.

  2. Are there special precautions I have to take before the procedure?

    For those who wear spectacles, there are no special precautions that need to be taken before surgery.

    For those who wear soft contact lenses it is necessary for them to remove their lenses at least 2 days prior to their LASIK.

    For those who wear RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) or 'hard' contact lenses, it is necessary to remove the lenses at least 2 weeks before surgery. These RGP lenses cause corneal distortion as they have a strong molding effect on the cornea. This molding effect may affect the outcome of the LASIK procedure.

    In some instances, contact lenses may need to be avoided for a period longer than 2 weeks. This depends on the initial eye examination and test results.

    Patients are advised to refrain from wearing any form of make-up, powder or perfume prior to surgery. Cosmetic debris from make-up and especially powder, may deposit under the LASIK flap.

    The alcohol contained in perfumes may evaporate and deposit on the Excimer laser optics, reducing its power. This can lead to under-correction.

  3. Is there follow-up after surgery?

    At Jerry Tan Eye Surgery, it is recommended that patients come back for at least 4 follow-up visits.

    The first visit - the day after surgery - is to ensure that the flap is properly positioned and the patient's healing response is normal. It will also allow Dr Tan to exclude the possibility of infection, which occurs for 1 in 5,000 on average.

    In the more than 8,000 cases handled by Dr Tan, only one patient suffered a mild infection. Early intervention by Dr Tan prevented any lost of vision and the patient has perfect unaided vision today.

    The second visit - one week after surgery - is to assess the amount of correction achieved by the LASIK procedure and to assess if there is any over- or under-correction.

    The third visit - one month after surgery - is for Dr Tan to assess the stability of the correction. The higher the initial refractive error, the longer the time taken to achieve stability.

    The final visit for most patients - three months after surgery - is when the patient's vision is likely to be stable. A final refraction is performed for a report which will be given to the patient.

  4. Are there special precautions I have to take after the procedure?

    The patient is advised not to touch the eye for the first few days after the surgery and not rub the eye for at least one month. Vigorous rubbing the eye can lead to shifting and wrinkling of the flap. Wrinkling causes severe distortion of vision.

    Dirt or dust should be prevented from entering the eyes during the first month. Water sports should be avoided1 for one month. Severe direct trauma to the eye, especially through contact sports such as rugby should be avoided for the first 6 months after surgery.

  5. How soon can I resume normal activities (e.g. work or recreation) after surgery?

    Work and non-contact sports can be resumed within 2 days of surgery. Patients must wait at least 1 month before engaging in any form of water sports. Contact sports (like rugby) should be avoided for at least 6 months.

  6. Can I wear contact lenses after surgery?

    Yes. If there is residual refractive error after surgery or if the patient wishes to wear them for cosmetic purposes (coloured contact lenses), they can be worn one month after surgery.

    Sometimes, specialized temporary contact lenses may be prescribed after your LASIK to promote flap adhesion and comfort should there be a need for this.

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